The user clicks “help me pick a game” and it brings up a short list of questions.


What sort of game are you in the mood for (selects the genre)?

·         I feel like something where I need to be careful and methodical (strategy or tactical FPS)

·         Gimmie action! I want something fast & hectic where I barely have time to think (Serious sam style FPS or pinball)

·         I have a god complex, give me vast armies to smite evildoers and those people who made fun of me in high school! (RTS or strategy )

·         I want to think, I want to solve puzzles (adventure or puzzle)

·         I feel like being the hero in an epic adventure (RPG or adventure)

·         Put me in control of a powerful piece of high powered machinery (simulation/racing)

·         I never made the cut in under 8s soccer and it haunts me to this day, I need some wish fulfilment (sports)

·         I don't really enjoy playing games, I prefer taking abuse (links directly to


What type of setting do you fancy (refines the genre)?

·         Modern day: realism is where it's at!

·         Historical: frilly neck ruffs and good manners or GTFO!

·         Sci-fi: lasers plus robots equals awesome!

·         Horror: I'm wearing pants, scare them off me!

·         Fantasy: I beseech thee, cast upon me a spell of 'relieve boredom'


What sort of gameplay would you like (refines the list to a few games)?

·         Combative: I want to be on the front line, beating up bad guys in the name of truth, justice and the <insert country name here> way! (fighting or FPS)

·         Strategic: I want to be in charge of the battle (RTS)

·         Physical: I want to be always on the move (platformer)

·         Detective: Fetch my magnifying glass and deerstalker, a mystery is afoot! (mystery)

·         Conversational: I want to talk my way into and out of trouble (rpg)


The query will compile a list of games that meet these categories and compare them to the user's purchase history to eliminate the ones they already own. Games will then be selected from the list of remaining games and the suggestion page will be generated with 3 options, each with a basic writeup, a few screenshots of each and the trailer. Oh and a button to buy the games, that'd be a good addition.

As an example of the process, selecting “slow & methodical”, “modern day” then “combative” would lead to a tactical shooter like ghost recon or rainbow six and picking “hero in an epic story”, “horror” & “conversational” would lead to something like VTM: Redemption.